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1. Here
piano, synth, vocals: Sylvia Bullett

here is a place
outside of time and space
let us be here
here is the reason I keep goin' on:
an angel bent down near the Earth
to soothe me with a song
pass it on
I felt the stones movin' under my feet
I felt the wind on my back
looked up in the sky and I
fell to my knees
beside the railroad track
so I gotta give credit
where the credit's due:
something beyond me
is pullin' me through
here to you
blue to grey
grey to blue
it's like the sun comin' out
bein' here with you

2. Falling
piano,synth, vocals: Sylvia Bullett
bass,tambourine, cowbell: Dave Cook
drums: Harvey Sorgen

down the street arm in arm
and you pull me near
I know what to do
hold me

in my room
and you pull me near
I go head over heels
hold me and kiss me dear

I'm falling in Love

In my dreams
and you pull me near
I know how to feel
hold me and kiss me, dear

I'm falling in love
so in love

3. It Wouldn't Be a Lie
piano and vocals: Sylvia Bullett
cello: Adam Fisher

I could tell you my heart was thumpin'
I could tell you I felt so fine
I could tell you the fish were jumpin'
thumpin' and jumpin' and tuggin' on my line
I could tell you the grass was singin'
I could tell you the sky was blue
I could tell you the moon was swingin'
singin' and swingin' from old to new
and it wouldn't be a lie
I could tell you the wheat was golden
I could tell you the work to do
I could tell you the fields were swollen
swollen and golden with the wheat so new
I could tell you your light is burnin'
I could tell you you are a precious jewel
I could tell you your heart is yearnin'
burnin' and yearnin' for a love so true
and it wouldn't be a lie

4. Flying Machine
piano, synth, vocals: Sylvia Bullett
bass : Dave Cook
sitar: John Dubberstein
steel guitar: Cindy Cashdollar
tabla: Madhu
drums: Gabe Butterfield
My god we got carried away on a moonlit stretch of the highway
pulled off of the interstate to wish on a falling star
and the a big ball of light pink purple and white came down
you got your flyin' machine and you're curious
what do you want to know about us?
All the experts couldn't explain the odd looking people
in their odd looking plane and nobody really knows
why we keep seein' them in the sky
I was feelin' lonely so I walked out to the edge of town
and then a big ball of light pink purple and white came down
you got your flyin' machine and you're curious
what do you want to know about us?
What do you want to know?

5. Sweet Ether
guitar, flutes, wave drum, synth, vocals: Sylvia Bullett
bass: Dave Cook
drums: Tom Goss
I felt my impossibility in the deep blue moon glow
You are sweet ether on the waves
I an ocean in the light you are sweet ether
I felt my multiplicity I was bleeding into the air
you are a blue stone skipping
I am a city on the rock you are sweet ether
I felt my revolutions
I was melting fast you are a high flame in the sky
I am a mirror in your eye you are sweet ether gone to my head

6. Optical Illusion
vocals: Sylvia Bullett
guitar: Dave Cook
trumpet: Rhys Tivey

The treeline image burned into my eyes
I saw it on the ground when I turned away
The polka dots came off the tablecloth and hovered there for me
my eyes added letters to the names of streets
my head turned slowly to the picture on the wall
I sat down to see if I could sing about it all...
trees...snow...buildings... how can we know?
we can only go along or stay behind

7. In Your Stride
piano, vocals, guiro: Sylvia Bullett
bass: Jesse Murphy
trumpet: Rhys Tivey
cello: Adam Fisher (cello recorded at Coldbrook Studios/ Julie Last)
percussion: Tom Goss
hashslinger on service bell: Dave DuCookas

Those voices in your head, my friend; what are they saying to you?
I hope they're not bringin' you down,my friend; what have they told you?
have you been up to the mountain?
have you been down on your knees?
have you been workin' at the cannery shelling tiny tender peas?
I been pickin' peaches in Georgia; I been countin' cars in Queens
from Saskatchawan to Kalamazoo; been scratchin' everywhere in between
what it is to keep on loving: rites of passion and all
I think I'm goin' downtown so I can write it on the wall
I'm headed to the diner cuz I wanna see the tattoos up & down his arms
he's been in the sun; he's the one well done
think I'll have a cup of coffee, open my ears up wide--
love to hear those fish stories cuz they help me take it
In my stride
Fish are gettin' fat and lazy and I'm loungin' in my chaise
Mountains are gettin' hazy; I'm on a slow fade
"I eat my peas with honey cuz I done it all my life; It makes the peas taste funny but it keeps 'em on the knife" -Ogden Nash
All those things that could be troublin' you inside; I hope you're takin' it in your stride

8. Are You Listening?
vocals, crystal glass: Sylvia Bullett
vocals: Iva Bittová, Timothy Hill
David Rothenberg field recordings of:
• Allard’s ground cricket (allenboius allardi)
• red-headed meadow katydid (orchelimum erythrocephalum)
• two-spotted tree cricket (neoxabea bipunctata)
• common true katydid (pterophylla camellifolia)

"Are you listening to the ringing of the anklets on the ankles of an insect as she walks?"
- anonymous

9. Life is But a Dream
vocal: Sylvia Bullett
clarinet: David Rothenberg
sparrow and finch songs: Iva Bittová
murmuration of black birds at Chestnut Grove Farm
on the Kaaterskill

10. Song of the Reed
- poem by Jalal al-Din Rumi
piano, vocals: Sylvia Bullett
cello: Adam Fisher
(cello recorded at Coldbrook Studios/ Julie Last)
clarinet: David Rothenberg

Hearken to this reed forlorn
breathing ever since twas torn
from it's rushy bed a strain
of impassioned love and pain
The secret of my song though near
none can see and none can hear
Oh for a friend to know the sign
and mingle all his soul with mine
twas the flame of love
that fired me
twas the wine of love
inspired me
wouldst thou know
how lovers bleed?
hearken, hearken to the reed.

11. Find Me
piano, harpsichord, vocals, wood blocks: Sylvia Bullett
cello: Adam Fisher
drums: Harvey Sorgen
children’s voices: Emily Ione & Mika Louise Meyer

One-ery two-ery six and seven
four again five again ten and eleven
spit spat it must be done
twiddle-um twaddle-um twenty-ONE
A bee, a bee, a bumblebee
stung a man upon the knee
stung a pig upon the snout
I'l be dogged if you aint OUT
One by one we are counted out
if you're left all alone find me
close your eyes and count to ten in the alley
and when you're through find me
Monkey, monkey bottle of beer
how many monkeys are we here?
One two three out goes HE
One flew East One flew West
One flew over the cuckoo's nest
one, two, three out goes HE
you don't know who I am what I am
where I am FIND ME!